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Virginia House is more than accommodation. It is somewhere to live, to work, to socialise and ultimately, to be happy and comfortable.

We are the next step for university students, graduates and young working professionals in Worcester who want a living set-up that is unique and tailored to their lifestyles. Our residents will be a part of something NEW and fresh for our city. There is no other accommodation which offers what we do.

We brand ourselves as ‘no worries lifestyle living’. Working / studying full time is hard work and stressful but Virginia House is set up to minimise these every day worries that would come with living in a shared property.

Virginia House Lifestyle LivingDo you have an important delivery arriving whilst you’re at work? No worries. We have staff to collect that. There is no need to call out electricians / maintenance / cleaners because we have an on-site team. Do you want to hold a dinner party with all your friends? Hire out the dining room for the evening.

You get the gist. There is nothing that we haven’t thought about at Virginia House.

As well as these everyday conveniences, we also provide facilities which should ensure your overall costs are cut down.

Bills are included with the rent which means no budgeting for extra costs. We have a private gym and yoga studio on the ground floor. You can cancel that gym membership! We also have a ‘coffee and catch up’ area, perfect for catching up with friends without having to spend money in a cafe in town.

The list is endless.

Would you like to be a part of this new movement for Worcester?

You can book a viewing now to get access to our showrooms end of March.

Would you like to book a viewing now? Contact us on today!

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What is Lifestyle Living?


What is lifestyle living?’, we hear you ask…

Whilst lifestyle living is a new concept for the city of Worcester, it is well established in the big cities such as London and Manchester and further afield including Berlin, Los Angeles and New York.

We believe Worcester has the potential to be more and that lifestyle living will give the city the community and edge that it needs. We have attached some great articles which detail the benefits and facts about this modern and innovative way of living.

Work / Life Balance

“Experience from major cities in North America such as in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles and other European Cities such as Berlin suggests that the provision of co-living accommodation is playing a significant role in meeting the requirements of the millennial generation who often place a higher premium upon flexibility and an all-inclusive experience with access to high quality shared amenity spaces in which they can develop their social and professional networks”.

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“Co-living is another alternative to sharing a home with mom and dad.

As rents continue to rise, more people are looking beyond websites like Craigslist for a shared living arrangement that offers lower costs and better perks. As a result, the number of co-living offerings has expanded dramatically in the last few years.”

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“Co-living assets are disruptive and innovative solutions for the changing housing needs of the modern urbanite, particularly in areas where supply and financial pressures are increasing the demand for more flexible living space,” Richard Lustigman, director of living capital markets, co-living at JLL, said.

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Lifestyle living is the way forward for the young working professional in the city. We are very excited to be the first in Worcester and give you more information and photos when our showrooms are ready.

Would you like to book a viewing now? Contact us on today!